Wind Inverter

Aurora Wind inverters from Power-One utilize an optimized power curve algorithm to increase the amount of energy that can be harvested from wind turbines.

Power-One Wind Inverters

Wind Power covers a wide range of applications and can be harnessed by large wind turbine farms providing up to 800 MW of power  down to small residential wind turbines providing 3 kW to a home.  Wind inverters are an integral part of the wind power system that convert the electricity generated by the turbine to be compatible with the electric power grid. 

Wind turbine power generation depends on the speed of the wind and the resulting rotational speed of the turbine.  While solar inverters use the Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm to maximize harvested power, the wind inverter must be provided the maximum power characteristic curve which is unique for each wind turbine model.  The ability to harvest energy at very low wind speeds comes from wind inverters that have a low threshold of Vin to generate Vac.LSWI 2.5 MW Wind Inverter Following the growing demand for wind power and the market trend to introduce higher power turbines using “In-Line Technology”, the Power Converter Unit will be a real “core” component of the turbine permanent magnet generator system in the upcoming years.

At very high speeds, the turbine can spin out of control, and the wind inverter system may utilize an external brake resistor to slow the turbine speed.  For large turbines with integrated wind inverters, this brake function is integrated and for smaller wind power systems the wind inverter may utilize a wind interface unit between the turbine and the inverter.  This interface unit passively rectifies the power from the turbine, utilizes an external brake resistor to bleed off excess power beyond the inverters capability and a brake function for extreme wind speeds. 

Power-One’s AURORA LSWI-2.5MW  is designed to work in parallel to support large wind turbines up to 10MW at a very high 98.7% efficiency.   This wind inverter is designed for off-shore and on-shore applications.

For community scale wind systems, Power-One has developed a modular inverter design which allows the system to continue harvesting energy in case of a single module failure.  The AURORA MSWI-100KW  and  AURORA MSWI-50KW are high efficiency inverters which are easy to install and maintain.

 For small wind applications, Power-One offers  AURORA wind inverters ranging from  3W to 12.5W with corresponding Wind Interface units.  The small wind inverters are optimized to harvest energy from the lightest breeze to the strongest wind using a very wide input voltage range.