Photovoltaic Inverters (PV Inverters)

Photovoltaic (PV) inverters are integral to make utility compatible power and directly affect the efficiency of the solar power installation.

Power-One Photovoltaic Inverters or PV Inverters

Photovoltaic Inverters or PV Inverters are a type of inverter that includes features to maximize the solar energy that is collected from photovoltaic panels.  A basic inverter’s function is to convert the direct current (DC) power coming from a photovoltaic panel into alternating current (AC) that is compatible with residential or commercial use and the utility grid power.  Specifically, the PV inverter has features that maximize the energy available from a photovoltaic energy system.  The power of a PV panel is dependent on the voltage and current of the PV panel which can vary.  The PV inverter utilizes a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to find the maximum power through adjusting the voltage and current supplied from the PV panel. 

Photovoltaic panel power production is directly related to the intensity of the sun light which is affected by the daily sun cycle, clouds, shading from nearby objects (ie. Utility poles, trees, tall buildings).  Power-One PV inverters are designed to operate over a wide voltage range to capture power during lower light intensity.  Providing electricity earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon increases the energy supply, thus shortening the payback period for a solar installation. 

The largest pv inverter in the Power-One Aurora product range, the new Ultra 1.4MW unit is designed with large utility-grade installations in mind.

The third major component to maximizing the power output of a solar installation is to utilize high efficiency PV inverters.  Efficiency is the measure of power out of the inverter as a percentage of the power into the inverter.  Thus, high efficiency PV inverters use less of power in the conversion process and supply more of the power for use. 

Power-One, a world leader in Photovoltaic (PV) inverter production, offers a full range of PV inverters for solar installations ranging from small residential to large solar farms. 

For residential installations, the single phase Aurora™ Uno PV inverters range from 300W micro-inverters to 6kW string inverters.

For commercial installations, the larger three phase Aurora Trio PV inverters ranging from 10kW to 27.6kW, and the central inverters can be provide optimized solutions.

For utility PV farms, Power-One’s central inverters provide power for up to 1.3MW in a prefabricated weatherproof cabin to enable simple and speedy installation.