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Delivering high-end performance to the power conversion industry for more than 35 years.
  • PFE Series
    PFE Series

    As a recent product introduction, the PFE Series of AC-DC front-ends offered by Power-One blend excellent Platinum-level 80-PLUS efficiency exceeding 94%, Power Factor Correction and a small 54mm form factor, with a wide input voltage range.

  • Modular
    LPM616 Series

    The LPM Series is Power-One’s highly-configurable modular product, offering up to four outputs at 900W or six outputs at 1600W, with each output adjustable from 2 to 51 VDC.

  • Digital Power Point of Load Systems Gen II
    Digital Power Point of Load Systems Gen II

    The d-PWER series offers a Robust, Enhanced, Full Complement of 2nd Generation Digital POLs in package sizes ranging from 5A to 60A, supported by a fully integrated GUI design tool.

  • DNC Series
    DNC Series

    Power-One’s DNC series of converters utilizes the High DC BUS voltages to power 12 or 24V automotive accessories.

  • INV Series
    INV Series

    Power-One’s INV series of inverters utilizes the high voltage DC BUS voltages to power 120 or 240V AC accessories.

  • Aspiro Rectifiers
    Aspiro Rectifiers

    The Aspiro platform includes a wide range of global approved rectifier modules for standalone use or for working in parallel as part of the Aspiro DC power system family. 400W (XR04.48G) and 800W (XR08.48G) rectifiers offer full power up to 65°C and wide input range. The family is complimented with the advanced XPGe12.48G offering 1200W at >95% efficiency.

  • Aspiro

    -48V, 19”/ETSI compatible compact power systems for loads up to 4.8kW. Achieve full power without derating up to 65°C. Available in 1RU and 2RU configurations for small space applications.

  • Eighth-Brick

    Power-One provides numerous eighth-brick product families specifically designed for operation in systems with limited airflow and increased ambient temperatures.

  • Sixteenth-Brick

    Power-One offers a number of sixteenth-brick product families specifically designed for operation in systems with limited airflow and increased ambient temperatures.

  • Half-Brick

    Power-One offers several half-brick product families specifically designed for operation in systems with limited airflow and increased ambient temperatures.

  • ACC

    The ACC Controller provides monitoring and management of an enhanced array of DC power plant parameters and an extensive event alarm log, enabling the collection and analysis of critical data needed to facilitate saving energy and increasing system reliability. The ACC is supported by both Aspiro and Guardian systems.

  • Guardian Hybrid
    Guardian Hybrid

    The Power-One Guardian Hybrid solution allows for the addition of renewable energy sources to the Guardian rectifier system. Along with the Hybrid controller HCC for full hybrid site management, solar and wind converters provide a low-impact integrated solution to cater all your hybrid needs while minimizing capital and operational expenses.

Commercial off the shelf power conversion solutions for emobility 2nd Generation Digital Point of Load Systems LPM616 – 1600W output power and up to six configurable outputs. Customize yours today with our on-line configuration tool.  Fast delivery through our VAR network. ABC400 – 400W open frame supply in a small 3” x 5” footprint, with a single 12V/24V/48V DC output. Download the datasheet now.

Why choose Power-One Power Solutions?

Power-One is one of the largest power supply manufacturers in the world and has a long history of providing leading edge, innovative power solutions. Power-One revolutionized power conversion through the introduction of digital power and is an industry leader embracing the Climate Saver Initiative by introducing Platinum-level efficiency front ends for the datacom market.

Power-One offers the industry’s premier line of standard products, for Network Power, AC-DC and DC-DC power conversion, as well as a host of products for application specific power conversion.